Friday, February 11, 2011


Kristallnatch is a German word translated onto english it means crystal night literally. Although when it was used it was known as The Night of Broken Glass. Kristallnatch became a tragically famous night. It was November 9th to the 10th, 1938 Nazi Germany and Austria. When an anti-jewish pogrom broke out killing approximately 91 Jews and around 30,000 jews were arrested. During Kristallnatch Jews were beaten and deported while Nazi police smashed jewish synagogues, houses and shops. The night of broken glass represents when thousands of people became broken themselves. So many people died that night wether they were still breathing or not when they went to the concentration camps, they weren't really alive anymore. Those that thought they were lucky to make it through the night and into the morning had no idea the hell that would come with survival.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Markus Zusak

Markus Zusak was Born June 23, 1975, in Sydney. His father was an
Austrian house painter, and his mother was German. Zusak grew up the youngest for four children, hearing stories of Nazi Germany, the bombing of Munich, and Jews being marched through his mothers small home town in Germany. Those stories are what encouraged him to

Now he has a lot of books out and has won quite a bit of awards for them. The first book he wrote was The Underdog when he was only 16. It was published seven years later The book Thief, The Messenger, When Dogs Cry, and Fighting Ruben Wolfe. Are all books that have won major awards in not only Austria but the U.S. as well. He has won more than eight book awards. He currently lives in Austria with his wife and daughter. He is still a young author at the age of 36.

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